Do I have to be fit to start ?

Not at all! We program to accommodate anyone from a complete beginner to a seasoned athlete. Everyone starts somewhere and our experienced coaching team will ensure you get a great workout tailored to your ability.

Do I have to take a foundation course ?

Yes, unless you have previous CrossFit experience you will need to learn the fundamentals. This is to promote your development and give you a deeper understanding for how and why we move the way we do. It is as much for the coaches as it is for you, we are eager to get to know you and see how we can help you on your fitness journey.

What do I need to take with me ?

A bottle of water, training gear and our team will take it from there.

I am interested but limited by an injury or disability, what should I do ?

Get in touch ! Fitness is for everyone and all movements are scalable and adaptable, we can make fitness work for you. We recommend you send us an email and find a time to come and meet the team so we can plan what’s best suited to accommodate your training going forward – whether that’s Personal Training or classes.

How much is your membership ?

Check out our pricing page for more information on membership.

I’m a travelling Crossfitter do you take drop-ins ?

We sure do, we would love to welcome you to our home, contact us on info@gainlineascot.co.uk to get booked in.